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Seven Easy Steps

In simple terms, there are seven easy steps to purchase land in Bali, as follows:

Step One: Find your dream property or piece of land with the help of ABL Property or infer online for estate agents fees.

Step Two: Negotiate the price on your chosen property or land.

Step Three: Make a deposit of approximately 30% of the total price.

Step Four: Sign a letter of intent with the seller specifying agreed price, final completion date and payment schedule.

Step Five: Completion takes place by making final payment at the Notaris.

Step Six: The Nominee simultaneously signs the 'power of attorney' at the Notaris.

Step Seven: Collect the revised land certificate and take possession.

Q: Can a foreigner own land and/or property in Indonesia?

A: For many years Indonesia has decreed that land in Indonesia can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. In 1996 new laws were enacted so that foreigners are now permitted to own land in Indonesia subject to certain conditions.

For example:
The foreigner is limited to the ownership of one house only. To ensure that the foreigner only owns one property in Indonesia, he or she must sign a legal acknowledgment. The size of the land must be between 200 square meters and 2000 square meters. But in special circumstances, for example when the area of land is required for the development of a resort or is designated as an extraordinary area by the local government, the foreigner can hold in excess of 2000 square meters.