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A House In Bali
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A House in Bali

Many of us may dream of breaking away and escaping to a tropical hideaway, but for most people the idea of actually leaving the stress of the city behind and living somewhere like the beautiful island of Bali is nothing more than just a fantasy. But even if the possibility of residing overseas on a full time basis may not be feasible, that does not have to exclude the option of a holiday home. Indeed, whether you are a permanent resident of Bali, someone who comes here regularly on business, or perhaps a family who takes occasional holidays here, the investment potential of purchasing a property in Bali right now is incredible.

The price of property in Bali is still very cheap in comparison to Europe, Australia, America, Singapore and Thailand, and now, many of the people who have already made Bali their home - as well as others who live Jakarta - are buying, selling and building villas on the island for the new dreamers to rent or buy.

But how do you go about finding land or a property in Bali? How do you buy or build a house here? What about the legalities and legal support, the architectural consultation, interior design and furnishing? Where can you arrange development finance or obtain a mortgage, home and contents insurance, and liability insurance? Who will sort out security and intruder alert systems, the future letting of your home, management and maintenance? And if you plan to live and work here what about visas and work permits?